I've loved taking photographs for as long as I can remember.  Ask anyone who knows me.  Ask my kids.  I suppose I sometimes border on obsessive in my attempts to capture every possible moment of their collective childhood.  Like there's something wrong with taking pictures of your teenager perusing the shelves of the public library.  Whatever.  In reality, they barely blink at the sight of me and my camera these days, having been stalked from their earliest recollections.

There's something about that perfect shot, though...the one that takes you back to a moment in time...the laughter, the tears, the joy.  I love writing almost as much as I do taking pictures, but what I love most about photography is that it takes over where words leave off.  My favorite photos are those that are so full of emotion that an attempt to fill in those little caption brackets underneath leaves me at a loss for words.  Ansel Adams said it best. "A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words."

You should know that I'm not about fancy packages, expensive products or overly structured shoots.  For me, photography is a gift, and I love sharing it with others.  I want to provide my clients with what I would want most for myself...pictures that truly tell a story...images that capture the essence of my loved ones...a day to remember.

Speaking of loved ones, I have four children, at last count...two beautiful, talented teenaged daughters, a mischievously handsome son, and a gorgeous, charmingly saucy baby girl from China who will tell you in no uncertain terms she is not a baby.  But despite her loose tooth, even at six, she's still my baby.  Add to that a seven-pound-soaking-wet-poodle that thinks he's the baby.  And a wonderful husband who I'm happy to say is my best friend in this life and who also works hard to support my fountain Coke habit...a direct result of our blessedly full house...and laundry that breeds.  In addition to my caffeine habit, I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls and love a good romantic comedy.  My lost love is Wild Berry Sours...Lifesavers, you've failed me.  I'd rather vacation with my family than have nice furniture.  I'm a marching band mom, and I hate to miss even one of my kids' events.  And my heart aches for the orphan.  Given half a chance, I'd run, not walk, to catch the next flight to China to bring home another precious treasure.  Our family is praying about the opportunity to do just that in the very near future.

Still here?  Well, then, the best way I can share more of myself is to share with you some of my favorite photos of life through my lens.  Stop by the Captured gallery to read more of my story in pictures.  And know that I'd love to be part of telling yours.